Download SnapTube for iOS (iPhone/iPad) for Free

SnapTube for iPhone/iPad: Snaptube is the most convenient Youtube video downloader ever devoloped. This application made itself into the smartphones of people around the globe. Snaptube drastically became so popular that you can find it in any country, on any type of device. Though using various workaround you can use snaptube on android, snaptube on PC or snaptube on mac or linux computer.

The unfortunate part is that this application is officially only available for Android. And on the other hand, Snaptube drastically became so popular that even iOS users are trying to install the application on their iPhone/iPads. But the thing is, yet there is no way to install Snaptube in iOS devices.

But hang on, don’t lose hope, we came up with this article just to give the solution to the iOS users who are looking to download Youtube videos on their iOS devices. There is an alternative to Snaptube is Cubelite app which is available and works perfectly on iOS based devices.

Best Alternatives of Snaptube for iPhone/iPad 2018

Snaptube is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to downloading Youtube video. But believe me, these two alternatives of Snaptube for iOS is no way behind. They work just like Snaptube and downloads videos for you without charging a single cent. These applications are –

  • Cubelite Application – This app becomes my first priority when I need to download Youtube videos on my iOS device. Cubelite has a smooth interface and provides quicker access to content which is similar to Snaptube. The application also supports other major online streaming websites apart from Youtube.
  • Downloader for iPhone – This is another alternative to Snaptube for iOS which you might consider while downloading online videos. This application supports downloading videos not only from Youtube but from other websites too.

Cubelite Application Features

  • A clean and simple user interface reducing the confusing while using the application.
  • Free for personal use.
  • Smooth interface without any lag, thanks to efficient codes by the developers.
  • Minimal Bugs.
  • Ultra fast downloading speed possible due to downloading files in multiple parts.
  • Supports multiple downloads simultaneously.
  • You don’t need any external application to preview the videos you download.
  • Supports major online streaming websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, VuClip and more!

Cubelite overshadows other video downloading applications which are available for iOS. Even if you are using any other application to download Youtube videos, we will recommend you to give Cubelite a shot.

Have some questions in mind related to Snaptube? Find your answers here – Snaptube FAQs 

Downloader for iPhone

This application is yet another alternative to Snaptube for Apple fanboys. This application does it tasks well and gives an edge to edge competition to Cubelite iOS application. Here we present some features of Download for iPhone.

  • Comes with a free license for personal use.
  • This application supports multiple downloading, that too 10 downloading simultaneously.
  • Supports different video formats including .flv, .mpeg, .avi, .mov and even more type of video files.
  • Downloader for iPhone packs with a super fast download manager which gives you maximum possible download speed.
  • You even have the option to pause, resume downloads in the download manager.

You can give Downloader for iPhone a try, we are sure that you would not need to find another application to download Youtube videos.

In Conclusion

Snaptube is undoubtedly a beast to download Youtube videos on Android devices and these alternatives are no way close to Snaptube’s capability. Still, you have these two alternatives as the best alternative of Snaptube for iPhone/iPad.

We have tried many applications which claim to download youtube videos iOS devices, but most of them didn’t satisfy us. So, we filtered out these applications which will surely complete your need. However, if you think that we should have included some other application in our list then let us know.

Have some thoughts or need help? Share them in the comments section, we will get back to you soon!

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