Download SnapTube For Ubuntu 16.04 (SnapTube For Linux)

Download SnapTube for Ubuntu and Other Linux Computers from this page. Also learn how to properly download, install and use SnapTube App on Linux OS. Linux is considered as the most versatile and advanced operating system platform ever made and it also deserves to carry entertainment options. We can watch online Youtube videos on Ubuntu but what if we want to download them? Snaptube is the solution for every other operating system, so the question is, can we bring Snaptube on Ubuntu or any other Linux Machine?

To find out, we dug up the web to fetch the solution to run Snaptube on Ubuntu but didn’t find any exact tutorial for this. We took this as a challenge and researched ourselves to get Snaptube working on Linux. So we have discovered the method to run our favorite Snaptube application on Ubuntu, it consists of using Genymotion Android emulator. But before jumping into the tutorial, let’s get a quick overview of Snaptube features.

Snaptube for Ubuntu Linux Key Features

  • No hidden charges, no need to pay for any license.
  • Supports major video formats such as .flv, .mpeg, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and more.
  • Supports multiple video quality such as 144p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p.
  • Smooth user-interface with minimal bugs.
  • Large community to share your experience and problems.
  • Supports major online streaming websites including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook, Vuclicp, Dailymotion.
  • Built-in high-speed download manager, thanks to the efficient codes by the developer team.
  • Built-in video player, you don’t need any external application to play the videos you download on Snaptube.
  • Directly converts video to mp3, you don’t need any external application for this too.

Guys don’t forget to download snaptube latest version for android ; you can also download snaptube for windows 7/8/10 pc/laptop and snaptube for iphone/ipad.

How to Run Snaptube On Ubuntu using Genymotion Android Emulator

  1. First of all, you need VirtualBox installed on your Ubuntu to run Genymotion. Install it by visiting this link – VirtualBox Official Website.
  2. Now to deploy android on Genymotion we need an account on Genymotion Cloud, you can create an account by visiting this link – Genymotion Cloud.
  3. In the next step, we need to download Genymotion you can obtain it by visiting this link – Genymotion Machine renderer Downloads.
  4. Now go to the terminal of Linux by pressing ctrl+alt+T at the same time.
  5. In the terminal, you need to  navigate to the folder where the Genymotion image is downloaded (let’s assume that it is present in the Applications folder). Type these commands one by one and hit enter.
    cd ~/Applications/
    chmod +x genymotion-2.1.0_x64.bin
  6. Genymotion will now be installed, you can see the installation running on your computer screen.
  7. Now run Genymotion from the VirualBox.
  8. Now Genymotion launches, log in with the credentials of accounts which you registered on Step 2.
  9. Click on Create a new virtual device or the “Add” button.
  10. A list of Android images will appear, select the android which you want to emulate, the android image will be downloaded and you can now use it anytime in future.
  11. Now select the Android image you just downloaded and click on Play.
  12. Download Snaptube Latest APK by clicking this link.
  13. Drag and drop the APK file in the virtual device window.
  14. Snaptube will now be installed in Genymotion and you can now use it on your Linux operating system.

Wrapping Up

We have researched well and came up with this working method of running Snaptube on Ubuntu or other Linux computers. We hope that it serves you really well. Stuck somewhere? Need help? Ask us through the comments section.

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