SnapTube Alternatives: 3 Best Free Video Downloader Apps

Check These 3 Best SnapTube Alternatives, Know which are the best video downloader apps like SnapTube Available for free Download on 2017. No one wants to resist watching/downloading their favorite movies or videos. Snaptube is potentially the best application to stream/download the videos online, be it movies or sports or TV shows, Snaptube downloads it all. People find Snaptube really awesome because of the features it offers and all of it for free.

But what if you still want to look its alternative for some reasons? For this, we tried dozens of video downloading applications to make sure that you get the best alternative to Snaptube. We have listed up 5 free alternatives to Snaptube. Now you might be thinking, why not only one alternative instead of five? The answer is – in the real world we have multiple ways to perform a task, so why not we should have multiple options to download videos. Seems legit, right?

There are so many applications which claim to be the best, and when you try each one of them, you waste your time. So in this list, we have compiled best Snaptube alternatives to make sure that you get the same performance which Snaptube gives you. So without a single do, let’s get started.

Note: We haven’t Mentioned Apps Like Showbox, MovieBox or CinemaBox Intentionally, As these apps are too popular and most of you must be already aware of them.


Tubemate is the biggest aspirant when we come to choose the Snaptube alternative. Many people out there even find this application better than Snaptube. We can give you words that if you start using this application, you will not feel the absence of Snaptube on your smartphone.

The best part about Snaptube is, this application directly searches directly on the website which you are currently in. This makes the database of Snaptube even more versatile and never ending, sounds cool right?

The download managers which comes with Tubemate is love, you will experience the maximum downloading speeds with its ultra optimized download manager. Not only this, the download manager has the capability to pause and resume your downloads. Moreover, the application comes with a built-in video and mp3 player which keeps you away from the hassle of downloading more applications.

The only and major drawback which we felt is, you need to download an external application to convert the videos to mp3. Else, everything in the Tubemange application is simply awesome.

Note: Guys don’t forget to download snaptube latest version for android ; you can also download snaptube for windows 7/8/10 pc/laptop and snaptube for iphone/ipad.


Keepvid website has always been dominating the online video downloading websites category. So, the developers launched the official application of Keepvid with even better performance and usability.

Keepvid takes the cake by offering high-speed downloads and high-quality video downloading support such as – HD, Ultra HD, 2K and even 4K. This application comes forward by boasting more features like – multiple threads downloading capability, multiple websites support, up to 10 simultaneous downloads and lots more.

Before trying this application, we were already pumped up because Keepvid is a big name in the industry. But to our surprise, the application performed much better than what we thought. We will recommend you to try Keepvid for once, and we are damn sure that you will love it too.


The biggest USP about Videoder is its user interface, it has got one of the best looking UI in the entire category. Even after making a beautiful interface, the developers have made sure that it becomes simple at the same time. You will have almost no problems while navigating through the application, and this is why we included this application in the list.

Furthermore, Videoder supports video downloading from lower (144p) to the highest (4K) quality which is literally appreciable. Also, this application comes with an optimized download manager which makes sure that you get a faster download speed.

The best thing about Videoder is that it comes with quick download features, which don’t make you wait for the download links, the download starts immediately. This application is also capable of downloading audio files in mpa and mp3 formats which make this application super versatile.

Videoder was removed from Google Play Store because of Google’s policy which is not allowing Youtube downloading applications due to copyright concerns. There are some copies of Videoder lying on Google Play Store and on the web, so make sure that you download the application from its official website only.

Wrapping Up

Snaptube is literally a performer application, you might not want to look for its alternative once you start using Snaptube. But still, we made this list of best Snaptube alternatives in case you want to move away from Snaptube.

We have listed up only 3 alternatives to Snaptube just because we didn’t want to make it a mess by including crappy applications. However, if you feel that we have missed some applications which should be added in the category; let us know.

Are you looking for Snaptube’s alternatives because of common problems? Read our Snaptube’s Frequently Asked Questions post and solve it right away – Snaptube FAQs.

Have some thoughts or want to share your experience while using these applications? Share them in the comments section.

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